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At Rock Paper Scissors, we understand the importance of having furniture that not only looks great but also tells a story. That's why we specialize in creating custom furniture pieces that are locally sourced in Muskoka and made from reclaimed wood. From tables and wineracks to bars and hutches, our designs are the perfect blend of form and function. Our furniture pieces are not just pieces of decor, they are conversation starters that will make memories for years to come.

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Dining Tables

We specialize in handcrafting one-of-a-kind dining tables for our valued customers in. Using carefully selected, high-quality reclaimed wood, we design and build tables that make a statement in any dining room. Our goal is to ensure that every table we create is unique and personalized to meet the specific needs and style preferences of each one of our clients. When you choose Rock Paper Scissors, you can be confident that your investment will last for a lifetime.


At Rock Paper Scissors, we take pride in creating custom handmade bars that meet your specific needs and style. Whether you’re looking for a bar perfect for entertaining or just personal use, we use only the highest quality reclaimed local wood to ensure an exceptional final product. Our bars feature ample storage and unique designs that perfectly capture the Muskoka charm.

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Dining Cabinets 

We believe that a well-organized home leads to a well-organized life. Our handmade cabinets are designed with a focus on maximal storage and minimalizing clutter, all while looking aesthetically pleasing in your space. Whether you need a custom wine cabinet or something to declutter your bedroom, we use only the highest quality local Muskoka wood to create the perfect cabinets for your needs.


Our handcrafted reclaimed wood furniture, is perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your Muskoka cottage or home. Our custom benches are made for those who want to incorporate nature into their home in a unique and beautiful way. We use only the highest quality reclaimed wood to create each piece, ensuring that your bench is not only beautiful, but also environmentally sustainable. Contact us to start designing your perfect bench today.

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