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Rock Paper Scissors has worked with a number of partners create unique and beautiful pieces that are both functional and stylish. Our work has been featured on TV shows, in magazines and we have received awards and recognition for our innovative designs and commitment to quality as well as our work within the community of Muskoka. If you're looking for custom furniture that is both beautiful and functional Rock Paper Scissors is definitely a company to consider.

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 Our commitment to excellence has earned us several awards, for outstanding volunteerism both within our community and beyond the local level. We have recieved awards such as the Sheraton Collage Community Award, Gravenhurst Comuinity Award, and the PMCN Award.


We are a custom furniture company that has been featured on popular TV shows such as Restoration Road and CHCH News. Our unique designs and attention to detail have earned us a loyal following, and our sustainability is evident in every piece we create. Rock Paper Scissors is the perfect choice for anyone looking for one-of-a-kind furniture that is both beautiful and sustainable.

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Magazines & Articles

Our pieces have been recognized for our exceptional craftsmanship and featured in many magazines such as Kabin Magazine, Our H. As we are based in Muskoka we have worked with many local articles and are happy to have our work featured in something that is a part of our community which we feel very passionate about.


Rock Paper Scissors is committed to delivering high-quality products to its customers. To ensure this, we work with partners such as Ontario Wood and Work Away. Our collaborations with these organizations allow us to maintain our standards of excellence and provide customers with the best possible products.

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